I am still trying to figure out what direction to go in with this blog. What do I want to accomplish and how much do I want to share? I am very private and inclined to keep personal stuff off the Internet, though with all the interconnectivity of different software and social media it is getting harder and harder to put the brakes on. It simply astounds me how much people share about their lives and what they are doing RIGHT NOW. Paradoxically many people harbor the misguided conviction that their Webby travels will be viewed only by their intended audience and no-one else. When that proves not  the case they are outraged, naively so in my view. It’s like their common sense  has taken a back seat to the addictive rush of so many online activities.

Okay, taking a deep breath and it’s time for a picture I shot yesterday.

photo by amj

This image has nothing to do with anything except I like it.

And I like horses.

Starting this blog was a way to get me writing again. To superimpose some discipline so I write (or think about writing every day). Of course as far as I know no-one reads this so I have some freedom to play around, get to know the ropes of writing for and managing a blog.

It is also a forum for me to air thoughts, ideas, peeves and dilemmas. And to move me on down the road (the Muppets are singing in my brain as I write that) toward healing my broken heart. That is one topic I am not going to dwell on so never fear.

As I look over my posts I do see that my love of nature and all things wild predominate. It is the first thing I do in the pre-dawn as I sleepily pull on my boots to take the dogs out. I look outside and then venture forth. There is always something out there, from bats diving for those last few bugs to the deer sleeping in the next yard over to a fox by a neighbor’s shed stretching in the rays of the rising sun.

photo by amj

I get enormous pleasure from the wildlife both big and small that crosses my path throughout the day. Although they are sometimes a pain in the ass…the deer who eat my tomato plants, the groundhog that burrows under the shed, the baby bunny I watch for and worry over…they also make my heart soar with delight.

I am too much of a wuss to want to live in true wilderness though I would dearly love to hear a wild wolf howling (only if I am inside a substantial structure however) and see the Northern Lights (albeit wrapped in fleece and with a cup of hot tea in hand). There was a book called “Woodswoman” that impressed me mightily when I was younger. Perhaps I could be  “Backyardwoman.”

So where am I going with this? Damned if I know. Paraphrasing Bette Davis — Buckle up, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Cropped screenshot of Bette Davis from All Abo...

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